How To Order

     Process of export trade including: offer, place an order, payment terms, stock up, packing, inspection declaration, customs declaration, loading, bill of lading, presentation of documents, settlement of exchange. In short, that is 'agreement-shipment-payment-shipment-documents'. Compared with domestic trade, it emphasizes more on "documents", that is  ' shipping documents', such as invoice, packing lists B/L and so on, whereof B/L is the ownership licence, in a sense, B/L is the commodity and the payment. This is determined by the policy, shipping and currency of international business. To all sellers, we shall also pay attention to the following process during delivering goods.



1.Customer placing an order
2.Making the proforma invoice, i.e. P/I
3.Customer paying the 30% deposite
4.Placing the production order
5.Confirm shipping mark with customers, making carton and contacting with customer about Consignee, port of destination,  freight to destination port, etc.
6.Delivering, and sending all following documents to freight forwarder:

    1) Packing List 

    2) write-off documents of export earnings

    3) Commercial Invoice

    4) Customs declaration

    5) Declaration Certificate of Entrustment

7. Requesting for 70% final payment. After receiving final payment, providing the bank with the number of write-off document for entering into the account

 8.Sending original B/L, original packing list and original commercial invoice to customer by courier

9.Receiving declared write-off document, customs declaration of export tax rebates, shipping order and customs declaration of export receipt write off  from forwarder in two weeks.

10.Registering write-off document's No.

11.Tax rebating from Foreign Exchange Control Board